Art Group

The Tonbridge Theatre and Arts Club, whilst it is primarily concerned with what happens on the stage, encompasses members with a wide variety of cultural interests and for some this includes a particular bent for the visual arts.

The Art Group is open to all TTAC members with an interest in generating works of art, be it painting, sculpture, or whatever their chosen medium. An art studio in one of the original oasts, recently provided with a new work surface, forms the focus for our activities and practical sessions are run every Tuesday afternoon and evening providing encouragement and pleasure to participants.

The people attending have a wide variety of experience from beginners to established artists who regularly exhibit – and sell – their works at arts shows around the County.

The highlight of the year is our Annual Exhibition, held in the Janet Young Room, which attracts well over 100 paintings and also other works from about 40 artists.

Artists also provide works for display in the bar and the regular rotation of this material provides an excellent ambience for the audience at the Theatre – and potential sales opportunities.

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For more information contact:
Gordon Court: 01732 360675 or email